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The Machangulo Nature Reserve is a spectacular piece of land located twenty minutes by plane from Maputo. It has a natural ecosystem so astounding that it is being considered for World Heritage Site status. This magnificent 5,700-hectare reserve is home to a wide range of flora and fauna along its Indian Ocean coastline, with precious wildlife and marine life navigating its shores.

Here you will have personal encounters with bottlenose dolphins and humpback whales while hundreds of bird species surround the skies. Through the initiatives of like-minded entrepreneurs caring deeply for the environment, even the most vulnerable of species are protected.

In addition to the multiple research projects Machangulo is running, Maputo National Park has its own incredible story. It was established in 1932 and has developed a conservation project that connects and supports wetlands, grasslands, lakes, and mangrove forests so that this delicate environment can be protected and preserved. Thanks to this initiative, the lush dunes surrounding your villa are rich in wildlife, including nocturnal spotted genets, hair bush babies, birds, bats, insects, and reptiles.

The dedicated custodians behind these conservation projects are giving passionate travelers the opportunity to visit a heavenly part of Africa while ensuring it can be appreciated for decades to come.


Bordering North of the Maputo National Park, you will find our private villas remotely nestled in the Machangulo Peninsula across from Maputo. Our luxury villas are located in one of the world’s last undiscovered stretches of pearly white beaches. You can walk these sands while knowing that you are one of only a few to have this remarkable opportunity.

Each villa has a panoramic ocean view with direct access to a pristine beachfront. You can enjoy all of this in ultimate comfort with everything you need to stay in style and elegance.

When you are not resting indoors, take a revitalizing walk along the shallow turquoise waters and enjoy the barefoot journey this shoreline offers to anyone curious to explore it. Our exclusive destination is endowed with rich natural resources and cultural heritage.

By visiting us, you will get a once-in-a-lifetime experience to be amongst these marvelous wonders and cultivate forever memories. Whether it’s an adventurous holiday you seek or simply longing to unwind amongst stunning landscapes, our villas are your perfect sanctuary.


The Machangulo Nature Reserve is at your fingertips. Zoom in, click around, and explore what this spectacular destination has to offer.

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