The Machangulo Nature Reserve Rules


To ensure the peaceful co-existence of all owners and visitors, we request that the following rules be strictly observed at all times by all persons visiting our beautiful Reserve.



1. Traditional atmosphere of The Reserve needs to be maintained.

2. The rules and regulations of Peace Parks are to be observed.

3. Visitors to pay the park entrance fees at the Futi gate.

4. You must not leave the vehicles unless in designated areas and that while driving, no part of the body may protrude from the vehicle. Sitting on the roof or hanging out of the window is forbidden.

5. Do not leave marked tracks, off-road driving is forbidden.

6. Feeding any wildlife (incl. birds, monkeys or any other animals) is strictly prohibited.

7. No litter will be left behind at picnic sites.

8. Trying to attract an animal’s attention by calling, whistling, hooting or revving the engine is against game viewing rules.

9. Always keep noise at a minimum level.

10. Do not follow the elephants, or any wildlife, or approach too closely.

11. Move away slowly with respect when animals approach. Do not attempt to scare them off by hooting, shouting or by revving the engine as this will only agitate the animals further.

12. Keep a safe distance from all lakes as most of them host hippo and crocodile.

13. Never approach any of the game on foot.

14. Make sure to inform the House Manager of your excursion to the Reserve and of your estimated time of return. Mobile phone network in the Reserve is limited and should you not have returned by the estimated time, we will send out a vehicle to look for you.

15. There are no facilities available in the Park, do bring your own food and drinks. Ensure you have plenty of drinking water and a rubbish bag for any discarded items.

16. Do not cut off the path of the animals.

17. Elephant always have right of way.

18. No pets allowed. It will interfere with the wildlife we have within The Reserve.

19. No quad bikes, no motor bikes and no power boats of any description are taken up to The Reserve.

20. No beach driving.

21. No fishing, only ‘catch & release’.

22. No drones allowed.

23. No camping or tents are allowed.

24. Speed limit within the Park is 40km/hour.

25. The Machangulo entrance gate is to be kept closed at all times.

Please note that both the Futi gate (Maputo Special Reserve) and Machangulo gate opens and closes at the following times:

October – March: 06h00 – 18h00

April – September: 07h00 – 17h00

There is unfortunately no option for late arrival – ONCE THE GATE IS CLOSED YOU CANNOT GAIN ENTRY.

These rules are in place for the security of the park. If you arrive after the gate closes you will lose the first night of your booking and must return the next morning. Once inside the park in the case of an extreme emergency the gate can be opened.


1. Practice consideration and respect for the owners of the property and their possessions.

2. The property may not, under any circumstances, be occupied by anyone other than the guests whose names appear on the booking form.

3. Rented houses are for the use of those renting only. No additional day or overnight visitors are permitted. Tenants are not permitted to use the venue for parties.

4. Check-in time is 14:00 PM and check-out time is not later than 11:00 AM. Should you need another check in or departure time it can be done upon request with Machangulo Villas.

5. Do not light fires anywhere other than in designated fireplaces and BBQ facilities.

6. No fireworks, also not with New Years Eve.

7. No smoking in the villa.

8. Renters may not leave unattended equipment on the beach or off the property at any time.

9. Please do not move cutlery/dishes etc between houses.

10. An additional fee will be charged for any items that are removed from the house.

11. Protect our privacy.

12. Noise to be kept to a minimum at all times.

13. For self-catering properties: Please recycle: Glass, cans, plastic containers, paper.

14. Please help us conserve the nature – when you wish to have your towels replaced, leave them on the floor, or if you’d rather use them again, hang them up.

15. Any lost or missing keys will be charged at 1000 MZN per key.

16. Parents to take responsibility for the safety and conduct of their children, there is no lifeguard the beach.

17. Tipping is entirely at your discretion; should you wish to tip, you are welcome to do so.

18. We accept no responsibility for the health and safety or conduct of owners or visitors to the reserve nor does it accept any liability for loss or damage to persons or property.

Your assistance in maintaining the tranquility and beauty of The Reserve and its properties is appreciated.


The Machangulo Nature Reserve Rules –  Last updated: 9th of July 2022
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