How to get to Machangulo

Maputo, the capital of Mozambique, is the connecting city

When you’re ready to embark on your holiday of a lifetime, come visit us! Remember that it’s essential to plan your trip and make sure you are prepared to have the most enjoyable visit. As our guests, there are various ways to travel to Machangulo Mozambique.

Maputo is located 550km from Johannesburg and you have the option to hop on a flight from Maputo, take an adventure drive through the Maputo National Park, or take the scenic route on a boat across Maputo Bay, in order to reach your holiday destination.


There are three exciting ways to get to us here in Machangulo: by plane, boat or car. We’ll help coordinate your trip to Machangulo starting from your arrival in Maputo.

Machangulo by plane

charter flights

The ultimate option getting to Machangulo is the luxury of a chartered flight to our airstrip. This is a short 20 minute flight from Maputo.
Each flight is custom tailored, taking into account all passengers needs and requirements.
Observação: Air ticket prices are subject to change. Luggage restrictions apply. Please be aware that flights departing from Kruger National Park will necessitate a brief stopover at Maputo Airport for customs clearance.
Machangulo by boat


Most of our clients arrive via boat from Maputo to Santa Maria, this takes approximately an hour.
You have the option of either a shared boat ride at $180 per person for a round trip or a private boat at $800 per boat for a round trip, accommodating a maximum of 13 guests.
Upon arrival at the beach of Santa Maria, you will receive a warm welcome from the Machangulo Private Concierge, who will transport you to your villa with a 4×4 vehicle. This service is priced at $50 per person for a round trip.
Rates are in USD.

Dica Machangulo: We offer assistance with ground transfers from Maputo Airport to the harbor as well.

Machangulo by car


A viagem para Machangulo é através do Parque Nacional de Maputo, e levará cerca de 3 horas de Maputo. Esta viagem é de aproximadamente 200 km e enquanto você estiver viajando, testemunhe a vida selvagem e paisagens deslumbrantes no caminho.
We will provide you with directions and GPS coordinates of your villa.

Observação: Devido às condições da estrada de areia, é necessário um veículo 4×4.


The Machangulo Nature Reserve is at your fingertips. Zoom in, click around, and explore what this spectacular destination has to offer.

Machangulo Villas map

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Speak to one of our travel consultants and they will assist you in arranging your journey to Machangulo, from the moment you arrive in Maputo.

Additionally, we are pleased to offer accommodation in Maputo, in collaboration with the Polana Serena Hotel.

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