We find serenity in the tranquil Mozambican waters, and we want you to experience it too. We passionately strive to share the beauty of this subtropical paradise and at the same time, host our guests in a luxuriously comfortable setting. Machangulo Villas allows you to escape the monotony of everyday life in an untouched African wilderness with golden shores and diversified wildlife. We can’t take credit for the breathtaking views, but we pride ourselves in making it lavishly comfortable for you to be surrounded by them.


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Sietske Roorda


Hi, I am Sisi, the founder and owner of Machangulo Villas. Travel has always been my passion. I love exploring unusual destinations worldwide and giving recommendations based on my experiences.

Over time, my wondering nature found a home in Mozambique. Having run my hotel in Tofo for over a decade, I have valuable knowledge about tourism and hospitality in this incredible East African country. The cultural diversity, exquisite beaches, fantastic weather and magnificent properties make it a holiday haven. All these elements led to the founding of Machangulo Villas in 2021.

I am extremely proud of my team, who passionately work beside me. Together we create magic by offering quality information to captivate the essence of this pristine holiday destination.

Inspired by our magnificent properties and exclusive remote location, we go the extra mile to make every trip memorable and unique. I ensure all our properties and experiences are approved by exceptional standards. We understand that minor details make the most significant difference.

With my team, the commitment of the Machangulo Service Center, The Machangulo Concierge, the villa owners, and the devoted staff, I strive to offer an extensive villa portfolio for the like-minded traveler to lavish and love.

dayle dotan-love

Dayle Dotan-Love

Content Creator and Article Writer

Hi, I’m Dayle, a freelance writer specializing in creative content, article writing, and copywriting. I have 12 years of experience in the Travel and Food industries. Born and raised in South Africa, I have a deep affinity for the beauty of Africa. I am thrilled to be on the Machangulo Villas team as I write about the magical wonders of Mozambique and this pristine destination.

Gervasio Muchanga

Gervasio Muchanga

Legal counsel

I assist foreigners with setting up companies in Mozambique. With my expertise in Mozambican law, I actively advise Sisi about existing and new laws, including any legal rights that would impact the functionality of Machangulo Villas. I am honored to witness this Mozambican company growing from strength to strength in one of Mozambique’s most beautiful nature reserves.

roxanne gerber

Roxanne Gerber

Web developer

And I’m Roxanne, a freelance web developer based in sunny South Africa. With my keen eye for design and a passion for coding, I’ve been bringing ideas to life and creating amazing digital experiences for over a decade. When I’m not daydreaming about the beautiful beaches of Mozambique, you’ll find me on a grand adventure with my twin toddlers!


At Machangulo Villas, we know the small details make the biggest difference. This is why we stop at nothing to make every trip memorable and exceptionally unique, just like our properties. We create the ultimate personalized luxury travel experience, showing you the best of the bush and the beach while ensuring you live in comfort and sophistication. Here are the top five reasons to stay with us:

Travel planning

Every itinerary is individually designed according to your unique requirements. We assist you with organizing your entire trip, from the early planning stages to the very end. We work alongside you to plan your menu and help organize your preferred activities.

Moreover, we arrange all your necessary transfers. Including landing permits, clear route directions if you are traveling by car and more. We go the extra mile, ensuring we meet more than your expectations!

Verified properties

At Machangulo Villas, we take immense pride in every property offered in our portfolio. We have hand-picked each location for its extraordinary surroundings. Experience pure paradise while enjoying all the first-class amenities and modern conveniences.

On arrival at your villa, secluded in lush nature, ultimate privacy is our guarantee. Enjoy all the space, comfort and sophistication you can expect from luxury holiday living. Our dedicated villa staff professionally attend to all your needs for the entire duration of your stay. We are here to ensure relaxation bliss!

Around-the-clock assistance

A dedicated travel specialist is assigned to you, ensuring your every need is taken care of. We are here for you, 24 hours a day! All you need do is absorb the breathtaking views and submerge yourself in the natural flora and fauna of Mozambique.


Most villas come with a private chef. We ensure all the necessary food shopping is done on your behalf. All you need do is bring your sunscreen and relax amongst family and friends while we cater to your every holiday need.


We have no hidden costs and a clear cancellation policy. We urge you to understand all our terms and conditions. Any and all enquiries are welcome!


We have exceptional guest testimonials! Hear about their experiences

Machangulo Villas provide a very personal and professional support with each booking, from the beginning to the end of our much loved holiday in Machangulo.

The ride was quite adventurous for us Europeans who are used to well-maintained roads, but holy moly it brings you to the most beautiful place on earth. Daily beach walks on empty beaches, with our feet in the turquoise waters, hearing the churping sound of birds whilst finally catching up with my books, being surrounded by animals and eating fresh seafood every day served by the most attentive staff. This is my definition of a holiday! And yes, the road to it was completely worth it, but next time we will go by boat. Thank you team Machangulo Villas for an absolute fantastic stay, our family loved every second, until we meet again!

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